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What We Do

The mandate of the program is to establish, foster, and drive the connection and relationship between Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans, and the leaders in the public and private sector who will offer employment opportunities.


  • "After 26 years in the military, transitioning to the job market is a whole new world for me, both exciting and a bit scary at times. The MET Ottawa Job Fair held at the Aviation Museum was a great opportunity to attend seminars and meet military-friendly employers. Not only was I able to pick up some really fantastic tips, from dressing to impress and how to sell myself, but I was able to speak with employers who I might have overlooked otherwise. I made some great connections and have already followed up with some potential employers. The MET website, the Job Fair seminars, and being able to meet employers at the Job Fair in a more relaxed environment have reduced some of the unknown factors of the transition process. I feel invigorated and much more prepared for the job market. I will continue to build my resume and my portfolio as I get more strategies from the MET team. Thanks very much for putting on the MET Job Fair, it was a great opportunity." - Daan Beijer
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding seminar you recently held in Ottawa. You provided us with great information on how to get ready to tackle job fairs, provided information on resume writing and how to enhance traffic on our Linkedin profile in addition to giving us access to your MET website that has so much information designed to assist professional job seekers. It has helped me in my transition to civilian life, I am thankful for your time and knowledge. - Jonathan Methot
  • “My first resume was packed with lots of military experience, but was overcrowded and used too many military terms. I applied to about 15 job postings using the same resume but tailored the covering letter to the posting. Needless to say I got no calls. I was introduced to MET because my Commander was slated to speak at the Halifax MET event. I registered and immediately found the videos which were extremely helpful. I completely revamped my products and instilled a professional and consistent look and feel. At the MET event I cornered a MET Employee and forced him to critique my generic resume. He was constructive, blunt and provided sound advice on how to match it to a posting. I applied for a job about two months later and got invited to an interview! I completely botched it as it was my first ever civilian interview, but lots of lessons learned. I don’t believe the interview call was a fluke, the approach and advice provided by MET works. Everyone in uniform looking to transition should leverage the tools, resources, and advice available through MET.” - Ryan Walker, LCol
  • "The MET Spouse program is a great initiative. I was a military spouse for 15 years, relocating every two or three years. If the MET Spouse Program had existed while we were moving around so frequently, I am certain it would have facilitated employment options and contributed to a reduction of anxiety and increased family happiness." - Leslie C., Military Spouse
  • "…It has been through this great program and the ability to reach out to these employers , that understood what a military member can bring to the table that I was able to be so successful. I believe in the program and have encouraged others to follow. If you put in the hard work and dedication it takes to move forward in life you will be rewarded…" - Damon Lynk
  • "The MET and its videos, were instrumental in helping me improve my resume and my cover letter skills. As soon as I updated my resume and cover letter using the MET method, I started to get hits. Eventually, I was headhunted. I really like the approach in the videos which said "stand out" and "treat it like a blind date; you don't want to sign yourself off for life before you even go out!" Funny but true." - JJ Malevich
  • "The MET Conference in Victoria was undoubtedly the best conference I have attended for recruiting. The attendees were engaging, asked excellent questions and were informed as to their situation. The venue was spectacular. It was, also, the best organized career session. We were greeted at the door, our name tags were ready for pick up, we were shown to our spot and asked for feedback upon our leaving. Well done, I will definitely attend the next Canada Company conference in Victoria." - Kari Jackson, CFP,FMA,RRC, Division Director, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.